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The Kopur, d.o.o. company carries out video surveillance in the protected area of the company premises in order to ensure adequate protection of property and people.


The video surveillance data controller is company Kopur, d.o.o., with its registered office at Pameče 150A, Slovenj Gradec, Tax number: 93287712.


Additional information regarding the implementation of video surveillance and the exercise of individuals' rights in the field of personal data protection can be obtained by calling the +386 (0)41 746 714 phone number or by sending an e-mail to


The video surveillance system is intended to carry out surveillance where an increased risk to ensuring the protection of property and the safety of individuals has been identified. Due to video surveillance, individuals do not feel any special impacts – the analysis of recordings is carried out only in the event of a security incident, and the export is carried out only on the basis of an official request.


Video surveillance is used to monitor the perimeter (live picture), perform recording and export videos. Persons granted access to the video-surveillance system shall have access granted on the basis of an approval granted by the director of the company.

Additional non-standard data processing, such as broadcasts to entities to third countries or monitoring of live events by third parties, is not carried out.

Based on the identified incident by the person monitoring the control, a security intervention can be carried out.


The company's video surveillance system does not technically enable or perform sound intervention. Video surveillance recordings are stored in the video surveillance system for up to one year. All changes to the video surveillance system are recorded and records saved.

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